The Planting – Directors Vision


I’m obsessed with final moments, with deaths. How will I face death when it finally happens? Will it be a good death? Because of this obsession, I’ve always found myself intrigued by the dramatic motif of a character being forced to dig his or her own grave and have wanted to contribute my own version. I finally discovered my way in by crashing two metaphors together: 1) the act of digging a hole and filling it back in as the metaphor for sloth, and 2) the act of planting a seed as a metaphor for faith. What connects the two is that the seed must be buried in the hole and die first before it can bear fruit of its own. Chris, the main character, takes this same journey from sloth to faith, and thus from wasted work to good work. Like a seed, Chris must realize that the seed can only grow after it dies:  unless a seed dies, it cannot bear fruit, he reminds himself. He has served only himself for most of his life, and he must now face the task of dying to himself so his work can be good work. And thus Chris becomes the planted seed himself, hopeful for something better to come. – Jason R. Goode


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