Upcoming Projects

Here’s a sneak peek at upcoming film and television we’re busy creating.

YOUR HEART IS THE SIZE OF YOUR FIST – Based on the True Stories captured in Dr. Martina Scholtens non-fiction memoir, Your Heart Is the Size of Your Fist is a medical drama that draws the audience into the complicated, poignant, and often- overlooked daily happenings of the only urban medical clinic for refugees in Vancouver.

PRISON BOY – A multi-season Drama Series revolving around Sam Hawksley, a thirteen-year-old boy who is the only child in Canadian history to grow up living inside a women’s prison as part of a pilot project to test the value of maintaining familial connections for inmates and their children. That is, until Sam is thrust from his prison home and into the outside world after his mother passes away from cancer. Now living with his aunt and uncle, he discovers through his mother’s personal effects that there is more to her conviction and incarceration for killing his father, a decorated police officer, than he has been led to believe. Unable to ignore the connections he sees, Sam sets out to solve the mystery, equipped with a unique set of skills (and social deficiencies) learned over years growing up on the inside. 

COMMON GRACE – After spending six months running from her past, Colleen is forced to return home for her father’s funeral. Coming home means facing her grieving mother, meddling sisters, intrusive community and the love of her life…not to mention his furious and devastated wife. Between the flowered cards, unspoken grievances, over-priced caskets, and hidden bottles of wine, Colleen must decide if she can fit into the world she left behind. The company is developing this feature film with writer/director Shauna Johannesen. 

NUMB set for WORLD PREMIERE at Busan International Film Festival

Numb will have it’s World Premiere on Saturday, October 3rd in the Midnight Passion section of the Busan International Film Festival.

The screening will kick off at 11:59pm in the BUSAN CINEMA CENTER in it’s gorgeous 841 seat Dureraum Theatre.

We’re in good company – headlining an all night triple bill before “Ghost Theatre” (Hideo Nakata) and “The Invitation” (Karyn Kusama).


2015_BIFF_logo cut down copy

“Numb” Completes Principal Photography March 2015

“Numb” is the story of a couple in financial distress who discover a map that promises to lead to a fortune in stolen gold, and who partner with a pair of mysterious hitchhikers to enter the remote winter wilderness to recover the coins. What ensues is a quest for riches and, more importantly, survival.

Now in post-production, the film will be completed for screening Summer of 2015.


Building Upon Short Film Success by Bringing Freshman Feature “NUMB” to AFM

Director Jason R. Goode and Producer Dylan Jenkinson are building upon their success as award winning short filmmakers by bringing their freshmen feature project “NUMB” to the American Film Market. “NUMB”, a 2011 winner of the Praxis Screenplay Contest, was written by Andre Harden and developed by Jenkinson/Goode Productions. A substantial thriller in the tradition of films such as “Deliverance”, “NUMB” is the story of a debt-ridden couple that discovers a map that promises to lead to a fortune in stolen gold, and partner with a pair of mysterious hitchhikers in order to enter the remote winter wilderness and recover the coins.

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